Keep Your Brains Sharp With Online Bingo!

Mention the phrase online bingo and the first thing that pops into our head is the image of an old age bespectacled lady sitting in a large smoky dingy room with a multitude of bingo cards spread out before her.

You may never have visualized Darwin or Einstein sitting beneath a tree with a dauber eagerly waiting to mark off the called out numbers. But thankfully this trend has now become a thing of the past as people from all ages, cultures, nationalities and creeds enjoy bingo games equally, especially after the advent of online bingo. Apart from its entertainment factor online bingo provides positive influence on an individual’s brain development, or so what the researchers say.

Believe it or not, but many recent studies have proved that online bingo can sharpen your brain besides improving your mental capacity – a good news for both young and old bingo players! Isn’t it? Imagine being able to enjoy your favorite game in the company of your best pals, whilst giving your brain a much-needed workout and that too in the comfort of you own home. Some studies have even found that playing online bingo has a similar effect on your brain as solving crosswords or playing sudoku has.

The tests, that took years to complete, revealed that an average online bingo player enjoys an improved memory and is able to perform better brain functions than those who don’t. The tests also proved that bingo players are often able to focus better on the task at hand and finishes them more easily as compared to non-bingo playing people. Although the sample group was largely comprised of old age people, but the researchers unanimously believe that the benefits would be equally advantageous for the younger generation as well.

Many experts advice that to keep your brain healthy and functioning efficiently, you need to keep it active and one such way is to play online bingo. Bingo requires multiple processes to play, which keeps the brain engaged and makes it more active. During a bingo game, players have to do many different things at the same time viz. looking over the cards, chatting and concentrating on the numbers being called. The players have to focus all their attention on one goal, that is, to Bingo. The players need to be attentive all the time to make sure they don’t miss a number and hence their chances of winning.

The research was conducted on about 112 people with age ranging from 18 to 82 years. The participants were divided into two camps, one consisting of regular bingo players and other of non-bingo players. Each group went through the same test procedure and the results showed that those who played bingo had more sharp minds than those who didn’t.

On comparing the age groups, researchers found that the divide was minimal, and in some cases the old got the better of the young. The results did prove that younger players were almost always quicker than the old, but not always as accurate. Although the research sample was heterogeneous (age wise), the results were conclusive that online bingo keeps your mind active. Of course, we are not denying that there are no other ways to keep the mind sharp, but they are not as thrilling as playing bingo online.

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